Puss in Boots in Outer Space! (1930s cartoon style)

Hallo, all…!

I’ve chosen Puss in Boots, to be realized in a 1930s cartoon style (the Fleischer, Harmon-Ising, Iwerks, Silly Symphony ‘pie-eyed’ era … or like Cuphead, if you prefer). -addendum; this has been slightly revised; see below

This inked sketch is a VERY preliminary ‘placeholder’ … I’m gonna jump into blocking-out a few different body shapes/styles in zBrush, to explore some options before I refine the design.

In the course of gathering reference/mood/inspirational images, I found a straight adaptation of Puss in Boots made by Ub Iwerks as part of his ‘ComiColor’ cartoon series, in 1934. I definitely want to avoid recreating any existing version.

I also began to think that just putting a stylistic spin on the character mightn’t be enough to really qualify as a ‘reimagining’ … so, I decided to put Puss in an outer-space setting, but – in keeping with the 1930s design theme – using a Buck Rogers/Flash Gordon aesthetic.

Again: this is just a quickie pencil & ink sketch, to get the idea across … I definitely plan to explore some different body & head shapes/proportions, eye styles & etc within zBrush, in the next phase.


good design
but to make it even more authentic make the eyes black and give him much much bigger boots and maybe even bigger hands
and make sure to keep things as round as possible with minimal detail
i think betty bop had some cats in her cartoons
maybe you can use that as refrence

good luck this is going well so far

This is the rough overall body blockout; subject to change, as time goes on.

No clothing or prop consideration, as yet (beyond the basic boot foot shape).

Still musing over a story treatment for him; I’ll post that later, along with further refinements.


Early Disney/ Cuphead’s style. Can’t wait to see more :smiling_imp: