Prince Midas, The Mercenary ||Fairy Tales Challenge

Hello there !
Finally got the time to start my entry for the challenge, first time here !
Was looking for idea but one stick on my mind.

" Greed bring Greed".
Prince Midas is a young mercenary, his desire for gold was not enough he need more, more money, more life that he can take, everything.
He use his powers in his advantage on the field. He’s a really good soldier, and a beast in close combat, if he touch you once you collapse into the weight of gold. He’s a confident , handsome, lonely boy, the only things he crave for is the money and prestige.

Here is the first try at at building a background, This may change a little bit but i feel great about this story for now.

My moodboard
Just made a quick 10 min sketch in my moodboard to get the pose and the attitude while i was brainstorming. This will obviously expand on some specific part but i wanted to keep in mind the soldier part even if I’m just building a base body for now. I think i will try the technique of 3D Sketch right in Zbrush, this seems fun !

The first few hours head sketch from a sphere !

Hope you like the idea, i will try to keep this thread as active as i can. Don’t hesitate to give feedback or any thought !


the face is so sketchy but it looks wonderful cant wait to see how good the polished version is


maybe Midas could wear a gold face mask the rough look on the face would be perfect as a mask, keep it up!

Hey !
You know what ? i’m pretty bad to keep track of my work in time and didn’t had that much time to work on it.
So last weeks/ months i was focusing on anatomy in my sculpt so i decided to keep the training with this project.
So the rule is, everytime i work on my base mesh if i don’t like it the next day i’ll start it again from scratch.
And 4 basemesh later and at least the double number of head :slight_smile:

When i got a first basemesh i was happy with i made a 3D Sketch for the first time, it was a really fun way to work.

I also made the first block out of the weapon. I may have a question if someone read this, the texture of his main weapons ( here an m4a4) count into the overall texture count ? ( I believe we are allowed to use 2 x 4K texture)

Anyway the next steps is to use marvelous designer for the clothes, i never used it before and learned it for this project. This is tricky but really powerful !

Time is running so i will try to keep this updated more for good this time !

Last day rush have started !
I finally finished my year at university so I didn’t got that much time last days.
After days and days of struggling I manage to make my first marvelous designer project and recreate my 3D sketch.

And my highPoly is almost done, low poly will come quickly almost everything is already retopo. Thanks to Laura Gallagher head base mesh i managed to wrap a clean topology for the head into the sketch. Really liked this workflow and saved a lot of time indeed

Also obviously i started again the head but now i’m happy with the head.
Next step finish the highpoly, Xgen for the hair and then the fun part, texturing. There are still work to be done !

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Cool idea! Golden hands :raised_hands:

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Quick update on the high poly finished ( just need the tertiary details on the face ) but he’s mostly done.
Let’s UV and then hair time

The last days are coming, LAst progress are quite slow, working with that much polys for the sculpt is really time consumming with import export bake etc…
The low poly and Uv are done, actually the character is 40k tris actually, I’m missing elemetns for the presentation and the hair. I’m still not sure hwo i will make him hair, Wanted to learn and use Xgen but this was a failure and need more preparation.

If my math are good I need 6x 2k texture so I still have a few spaces to play around and test or even better save texture space !
See ya soon

Last day, there are still a lot of work to do but i like the way this character is going and want to participate whitout regret with the best version I can do !

Took a mini break on texture to focus on hair cards

I saw on the Q&A for the challenge that according to Timzone we can push it ot end of 1st may so i will use it and play for a day with renders !

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Remember you also have may 1st to finish :wink: so technically you still have 2 days. you can do it!

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Yeah you are right, so I will allow myself a night of sleep ! Thanks ! :slight_smile:

Hey, and for the last day I’m getting pretty close to the end.
I made so really quick render to test out in marmoset and stop looking all the time to substance painter.

Still need time to refine the texture, make the eye, refine the hair. But at least I got something.
I do’nt know if I’m making classic eyes or some golden veins eyes. I’m still wondering. Let’s see ya tonight for the final submission I hope so !

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