Prince from "The Giant Who Had No Heart in His Body"

Hey everyone! In this fairytale, a prince enlists a wolf’s help to find the heart of a giant who is holding his brother’s captive. There is no visual aid for this story, and I would like to do it justice. I worked with a friend to create the concept for this character. I’ve got a body from an old character that matches the profile of this current concept, so I’m recycling it and using it as a base (with changes of course).

So far the head is almost to my liking, and I’m working on a hair blockout with plans to use Xgen, then export the curves to render using Unreal Engine 4’s new strand-based hair system. A lot of learning to do for this challenge.

Good luck to all!

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Got a new update :smiley:
Getting ready to move onto clothing now that I’m done with anatomy and blocking out the hair!

Quick update for everyone :smiley:
Clothing is blocked out, tomorrow I’ll get the armor done and hopefully get started on some retopology!

All that’s left is some finishing touches, then I can move on to retopo + UVs which should take a day or so. I’ve had some personal stuff come up throughout this competition so I’m not able to submit on time sadly.