Old Sailor Pinocchio

It was hard to come up with a character for this contest because I am a big fan mythology and the Grimm fairy tales, but I got the idea where what if Pinocchio never found Geppetto and is saying the seven seas in search for his father, Still as a puppet and has donkey fever still. Still a work in progress!

Worked on the shapes of the body hoping to get started on some details then I would like to work on clothing

Refined the puppets parts

Been pretty busy with the designing the look of the character. Give him clothes and decided to spice things up by adding a big ol Harpoon!


This is awesome! You did a fantastic job on the appeal in the face. Really hope you finish in time for the deadline - this needs to be in the lineup :smiley:

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I got a bit of work to do but Iā€™m hauling ass!

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on the final stages of Old Sailor Pinocchio!

Remember to submit it under the final submissions! The deadline is today and it would be a shame not to have yours included :smiley:

I am afraid I not gonna make it for submission. It was a great contest and had a lot of fun working on this!