Oh geez louis, another Adam! (Cyborg/Cyberpunk)

Hi party people!! :hugs: I’m so freaking nervous but I am going to do a cyborg/cyberpunk Frankenstein’s monster (Adam). My version of Adam going to have some cybernetic qualities added essentially, and I am shooting for as realistic as possible. I have never actually made a character before so this is as exciting as it is terrifying :confounded:. Hopefully I will have created a worthy portfolio piece and gained some more knowledge about how to improve. Any and all critique is GREATLY appreciated since I am starting completely from scratch. If anyone would like to see more in depth progress I have that available. Thanks for reading and please stay tuned! :sweat_smile: :grin:

This is my progress so far for the past 1-2 days.


Ooh so exciting! You’ve done a brilliant job and start on your first ever character! Best advice for your first character: Keep having fun, if it ain’t fun or at least you know you wont be satisfied with it, don’t do it, change it to something you are more energised by. More technical tip here: really focus on doing a top notch unwrap and bake, this is a critical point of the process which many rush or have a “that’ll do” attitude towards which dampens all the amazing work you put into your other parts of the process! :slight_smile: Good luck and have fun, I’ll keep tabs on your project as I love to see development like this and will help in anyway I can!

Thank you so much for the advice! Your goldilocks and the three bears piece is so awesome. I really like how you’re able to keep it all in the same style. Good luck! :grin:

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