Not so Little Red Riding Hood

I been thinking, what if the story of the name is different? what if she is not the innocent girl that comes to our minds when we read that name? what if the red colour of her cape comes from all the monsters he slayed?
I end up making a warewolf hunter Little Red Riding Hood. Had some free time yerterday and there we go, this is the first take on her.
Hope u guys like it! :smiley:

I made the full retopo and started the texturing process, this is what I have so far, I really want to give her a darker vibe but still exploring how to do so, hope you guys like it :smiley:


Wow, you’re crazy fast! She’s already looking pretty cool and badass :smiley: I like that you gave her those extravagant shoes, it really adds to her character. One thing I’d suggest is to integrate the skull shoulder pads a bit better with her anatomy. As they are right now, they look a bit stuck on and I think they’d look more believable, e.g. if they were covering her shoulders so they’re actually protected from people attacking her.
I’m looking forward to see the end result!

Thank you so much for ur comment! I really appreciate words.
I´ll try to improve it, been playing with different kinds of shoulders, it will include the skull of course but I think that it needs some work, hope to post it soon! :smiley:

Tested some posing, also added the marmoset viewer. Any c&c is welcome!

mighty impressive! what I’d recommend texturing wise would be to add a few imperfections like dirt dust scratches or maybe scars etc, to bring out the the details and it adds to the feel that she has been doing this for a long time, hope this helps

Totally agree with u, I plan to do that in the armour and maybe the skin, but somehow I want the cape to look clean as is the core of my idea, also thinking about making the cape bigger :thinking:

Anyway I really appreciate ur words and ur comment :smiley:

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I joined just so I could comment and say that I love the concept. Definitely the best work in progress so far. You’re definitely onto something, here. Godspeed :smiley:

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