Neelakanth (The Destroyer)

Hello guys
I have finally decided to participate in this contest so here its my concept inspired from a movie and hindu ( mythology) .
I will do some changes in the character for his backstory and hopefully finish it on time .
And the backstory part I will tell you guys at the end …

Some WIP of Neelakanth

I will try to keep updating.
And Please stay safe guys …

done so many RnD for the hair and the ornaments and Still not sure how im gonna do it…lets see…


how did u make these hair strands ? i need to try something like that too.

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This is gorgeous! Can’t wait to see the final result :slight_smile:

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Thank you very much I’m glad that you liked it mam :blush:

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finally after all the Work from home thing I have mananged to complete the HI-res .And hopefully finish it on time.