Modern day, 2021 Troll

This is my first time submitting for a challenge here at FlippedNormals, and I am really excited. I am a 3D/Character Artist, and hobby/freelance game dev working in Unreal Engine, which is also what I am planning to use for my final renders.
After changing my mind a couple of times I have landed on the idea to make a modern day (2021) Troll, intended as an NPC/enemy character.

I started off my collecting a few references of a number of different trolls I like from other artists. I attached a collage I made with these, as well as a very first base mesh, where I am at right now.
Critique is more than welcome!

EDIT: As a new user, I could only upload one image, but I will upload more images , including moodboard and more WIP on the model up to this point.