Mina Harker: Vampyr Hunter and Warlock Extraordinaire!

Hey there everyone! Hope you’re all doing good!
Had a ‘What if?’ idea surrounding the character of Mina Harker, the basis of which was ‘what if she became a vampire hunter after the events of the story?’.
I’ve only got a very basic reference board atm in order to get the brain juices going, but going to look at doing a rough block out/sculpt next .


Finally been able to get to doing a quick rough sculpt of the body and clothing in ZBrush after it was refusing to launch the program (for some reason - reinstalling has seemed to fix the issue). I used one of my base meshes for the body.

Hey there! It’s been a few days since I last updated this…
In the time since I last posted I’ve: done a retopped version of the character’s body; done rough, low poly versions of the corset and the knee high boots; and done Marvelous Designer sims for the shirt, trousers, skirt and coat and then done retops of the first 3.

I’ve been contemplating on how to go about making Mina’s hair, as I’m not sure whether to go with cards or sculpted - so if anyone has any advice or thoughts I’d love to hear it :smile: .

Hey there! I’m back again with another update

Since I last posted I’ve: retopped the coat; created a belt; added some geometry detail onto the corset and coat; created low poly versions of the character’s weapons - namely a sword cane, a stake and a holy water bomb - and a low poly lantern; and I decided to change render engine from UE4 to Marmoset Toolbag 3. I’ve also been looking into shader setup for MT3, and started planning how I’m going to lay out my UVs.

Been really enjoying looking through everyone’s work, it’s all looking so cool!

Hey guys! Hope everyone’s projects are going ok.
It’s been a few days since I last posted - I’ve been a bit busy with work related things, and my tablet’s wire decided that when I started working on the high poly it was the prefect time to work even more inconsistently than it has. New one on order though so hopefully not gonna be an issue much longer :smiley:

Since the last time I’ve tweaked the lighting a little bit in Marmoset and, as insinuated above, started working on sculpting some more detail into the high poly in ZBrush. So far that has mostly involved working on the idol for the cane sword, starting on adding more folds and creases into the clothing, adding some scar detail on to the body and tweaking the face as I wasn’t completely happy with it.


the outfit is going along so well
her head is quite tiny tho
is she supposed to be really really big?

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Thank you :smiley:
I have been thinking the head looks a bit too small for her body - do you reckon it needs to be wider, longer or a combo of the two?

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i think a simple scale up in all axis should do the trick
always follow your gut when it comes to aesthetics and style
you are quite right to think her head is too small

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Two updates in one day?!
Just posting the changes I made to the character’s head based on feedback as well as the detail I added onto the coat buttons

Hello! Late night post here.
New tablet arrived and it’s so nice not having it disconnect as I work constantly.

Work wise, I’ve been working some more on the high poly - added some skin detail on the face and hands; added fingernails; added shoe laces; sculpted the broach on the choker.

Hope everyone’s doing ok! All the projects are looking super cool and it’s exciting to see where everyone’s taking the theme.

Hey there!! Small update today…
Mina now has teeth! No longer is she forced to survive on soup :smiley:
I found an old base mesh I started at the end of last year on my hard drive and thought that this was the perfect opportunity to fix them up a bit and make them into a set that suited my needs .

Hey everyone!! Hope you’re all doing ok.
It’s been a bit of a hectic week, so apologies for the lack of updates.

Since the last update I have: finished off the high poly sculpt, unwrapped the low poly onto two texture maps, created a ground material in Substance Alchemist (forgot how easy this program is to use, I really need to use it more), and baked and started to texture the model in Substance Painter. I’ve so far given her some basic materials in the overall colours I’d like to use and started detailing the skin which is currently lacking some of the colour as well as an sss map and roughness. I’ve also imported the textures into Marmoset to start getting the lighting tweaked based on how dark the textures are looking in there which atm is… pretty… I’ve left an empty spot on the UV map as that is where I plan to place the hair textures. What I’m thinking of doing is editing the textures onto the exported Substance maps once I’ve created the hair atlas(?) with XGen.

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Hey there! It’s been a while sine I last posted.
Been having a bit of a hectic time with work which while fun has been tiring.

Since the last update, I’ve been continuing on with Mina’s textures (I think gotten those to a point where I’m happy with them); I’ve been starting on trying to do the hair though haven’t been particularly successful yet and have restarted it; and I’ve posed the model in Maya using a rig from Mixamo and then put it into Marmoset.


Hey everyone!
This is the final update on this thread, and the final day of the challenge.
Since I last updated this thread I’ve created and textured the hair as well as redone the lighting setup in Marmoset as I wasn’t happy with where it was going.
I ended up texturing the hair in Substance Painter rather than xGen like I originally planned, as I kept running into a really strange UI glitch with the xGen menu that would make it disappear and I couldn’t work out how to stop the glitch from replicating each time I used it. In order to do the hair, I followed this tutorial from ‘la cup’ on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6xBMcnx2Kkk&t=462s (it’s in Korean but there are English subtitles).

WIP Hair card layout