Loving the new direction over my first concept sculpt

Right well doing some small tests as real life been busy! Trying to figure out how to use uvs to make patterns that wont stretch inside of Zbrush, wanted to make it out of triangles or Lines for a more sci fi look. Not working too well so far but more experimenting to do.

Right bit bigger update today, afew things with the clothing direction and hair, i did not want an under layer too the hair as these sci fi haircuts are always super… strange and off the beaten path.

As for the outfit taking some inspiration from afew places, there is a canister on the back butttt i forgot to enable it haha.

Third attempted is something very more common bob cut? style i guess in sci fi, will push this one a little further i think an see how it comes out.

A second method i tried did not weird the results im wanting

Sorry for reply spam, did not think of just updating the tread haha.

Good morning folks, shall today be trying to figure out some paths to make the hair. the hoods making it hard as its tight too the head and so im wondering if its common parler to have one model with a hood and another with parts of the hair deleted for when the hood would be up in game? anyone have an idea?

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I… I mean to type more but accident clicked send Woops.

Anywho! Much preferring this, trying to make a mech arm is going about as well as i expected it would aka i think im balding at a rate akin too light.

But this is kinda why i wanted to try some harder sci fi stuff. Any tips on how to approach mech/prostetics? Got a good mood bored going but my box modelings falling short!

While im working out the outfit, im finding the urge to try a style iv never done before, iv always loved this sorta skinny/disney esc style but it seems extremely hard to pull off, but always wanted to learn it abit so why not now? basing the body off “Honey Lemon” from big hero 6, the face is going to be different more cubic and stern

Im so so happy i decided to try see if i could attempted this style, this is what i had invistioned in my head an its coming out better then i imaged

Guna be trying to use some Luminescent textures on the rim and inside of the ears, never used them before so will be a nice little experiment, been wanting to try them since KDAs Akalie so now is my time to give them ago :o

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