Lovecraft Warlock

Hi everyone my name is Samuel Edwards and this is my initial entry for the challenge
(Bit late the party but lets see what I can get done in a few days)

for this warlock I wanted to go for something a bit different, in some different games and fantasy series the warlocks would make pacts with different entities/deities from distant worlds, I took this concept and added a hp Lovecraftian twist to it, and to top it off what would happen if it went wrong.

I’ll post the initial concept art when my tablet has enough power

well I wont be able to make it in time for the contest tbh, mostly due to having my hands full with different projects and leaving this till last minute, its been the first time doing something like this for a contest, it was honestly fun!!!

I’ll defiantly will be joining the next contest because this has pushed me further in terms of creative character design and has shown me what areas I’ll need to improve upon (in this case thin clothing, hands ears etc)

Anyways heres my final sculpt for the contest, however I’ll continue working on this character outside of the contest, might as well finish him up :slight_smile:

also for ref I’ve used pureref to get my mood boards (big thanks to Flipped normals for showing off the app in a few of their videos.