Little Red riding hood

Ow gosh! well seems alot of people are going for Little Red riding hood? Think its alright to go for the same thing as alot of people, i did some mock drawings last night (Im not a 2d artists but it helps me visualize my sculpt)

So dont judge the drawings too harshly haha! trying to come up with a concept :slight_smile: Apparently i cant upload more then one image so will send another one in the replys

Wanted a sword and shield that the sword could be put over top and thrusted forward, obv to try block an enemy

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Tempted to switch it up and go with a Sci-Fi future fantasy theme, as alot of people are taking on Red riding hood, so this might let me try some new stuff and make something unique.

Welcome to the challenge Gareth! Best of luck :smiley: Would love to see a future sci-fi theme.

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Cheers this will be tough but have some cool ideas spinning up ^_^!

Gathering stuff for a mood bored, LoL Project skins and there KDA skins all have some amazing concepts too them, so going to try get some inspiration from some of the best artists out there.

(I want a wolf helmet with a glowing visior more then air)