Little Red Riding-Hood. Sorceress warrior

Hello everyone. I`m very excited to take part in Fairy Tales challenge!
My work is based on the fairy tale of Little Red Riding Hood.
I wanted to make her a warrior. Here are some references that I will rely on.
A wonderful theme. It’s great that you can implement a full character creation pipeline.


My style has changed. Now it’s cyberpunk. This happened accidentally due to experiments. Well, I will continue to work in this style.

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this contest now officially has 3 cyberpunk red ridding hoods
i woulda liked to see a magical girl red ridding hood but this is still pretty neat

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Updating the feed. Still a lot of work, I continue further.

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Hello everyone. I changed my pants a little and added a weapon. I think that’s it. I’m starting to do retopology.

A little late. But here is the finished result