Little Red Riding Hood, Protector of the Forest

Hi everyone!! This character is re-imagined from one of the versions written by the Grimm Brothers where she is rescued by a wolf hunter. After her grandmother’s death, she decides to protect his people from any threat. To do this, she engages in unknown magics that change her appearance and force her to isolate herself in the forest.


Good day all! I’m uploading the progress, so far I made the base mesh of the body, I attached the timelapse and a screen of the model, greetings and thanks!

Hello how are you!!
Today I upload the advancement of the head so far, as in the references I followed the shape of “Alita”, highlighting her eyes a little. This week I will try to finish the body and then attaching the head so I can continue with her clothes. I’ll including some basic renders next time.
Cheers and Thanks!

Greetings!! I already have the base of the body ready to try the armor on, next time I will upload some sketches of the clothing. For now the skin color that I imagine is this kind of red, and for the eyes a light color but I have to define it, the toes are not modeled because I think I am going to use some boots for her. Well, I hope you like it, greetings and see you next time!! :grin:


This is beautiful! Really hope you finish in time - we’d love to see this in the final lineup :slight_smile:


Remember to submit it under the final submissions! The deadline is today and it would be a shame not to have yours included :slight_smile:

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@emiliestabell Hi! How are you? Thank you very much, I’m glad you like the character. Unfortunately I could not continue it due to my work, but I hope to be able to participate in the next challenges, thank you :relaxed: