Little Red - Cyberpunk Red Riding Hood

Finally finished the low poly model and UVs. Baked initial maps today. Going to work on texturing with Substance for the rest of the week. Final Tri-count: 65,427

I’m a little late in the game, but hopefully I can finish by the deadline. I wanna do a cyberpunk red riding hood. I drew up a rough concept sketch and am working on the high poly sculpt now.

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Here is my reference board

Blocking out clothing in Marvelous Designer

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Blocking in shapes in zbrush

Starting to sculpt out some details in zbrush now, preparing for the high poly

Have a few small details to fix up but for the most part the high-poly jacket / hood is finished

I felt like there just wasn’t enough cybernetic pieces on this character so I concepted out a cyberneck. Going to finish hard surface modeling in Maya. Probably won’t spend a ton of time or geo budget on this since the jacket is going to cover most of it.

Made some decent progress today with the shorts and belt apparatus

Finished polishing the cybernetic implants on the chest and neck and cheeks

Finished the High Poly model. Time for retopology

Started making hair cards for the real-time version

Finally finished retopology. Moving on to UV mapping and optimization now.

Started texturing the skin today in substance painter. Added her tattoos

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Textures some of the clothes today. Made a patch in illustrator and substance


Finally Finished Texturing