Little Mermaid WIP

Okay, I’ve finished all the projects and now I’m free to start this challenge today. I choose a little mermaid. This figure inspires me because it is a challenge for me to create a humanoid character that lives underwater. Today I will collect references and research the topic, I hope I will have time to start preparing the base mesh


Just finished sculpting, tonight I bake high poly on lowpoly and tomorrow I start doing texture


This is a cheat sheet that I will use during sculpting since I have no concept. I have collected interesting examples of tropical fish. They are my guide for colors and fins. Of course, the model of the creature from the movie “The Shape of Water” is also inescapable. For head I will try to find inspiration in Anastasia Bezrukova.


Never in my life did i think id seen an anatomy sheet for a mermaid but here we’re! some like deep sea spookyness could really add to the idea of siren type background, like in pirates theyre beautiful and charming then get nasty nashing teeth when they have there pray. :eyes:

In Area 51 they are very thorough and like to document everything meticulously. Great place to help in cases like this.

Okay, this is current progress,

now I have the basic mesh. For now, I’m happy with how everything is developing, corrections are possible in the fins, it’s not the final shape