Latest update on my

I will be using this reference now that i have my main idea blocked out. Im trying to acheive a grudge/ horror feel with a bit of sci-fi maybe alot of sci_fi. My worlock will be a dark worlock. I will summit my story once i turn in my final. Im open for any suggestions or questions…

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I decided to stop working on cloth for now since i was having a hard time till i find more ref. … i started to finish his body still alot left and clean up… but im sticking with this design and improve it a bit …


Love the direction it’s going! Very unique piece, especially with that metallic panels. Looking forward for the updates!

I been play with this design and so far this is what i have not sure if i want the hood or not since the last update looked also good just need clean up. But i think he look a bit more like a boss . His waist line may be to small but not sure if i want to change it since he is half mutant . Other then that i need to fix his hands with his claw and finish the rest… my goal is to have him ready for texturing by monday. I do need a suggestion should i keep him with the hood or without . I kinda like both just undecided .