Horror Challengue - ScottRex05

This is gonna be my first 3D challenge ever so I’m very excited to take part. it’s gonna be very hard to find the time but I’m gonna try my best to get some work done by the weekend good luck everyone. And let’s see some scary stuff :love_you_gesture:


I forgot to post on the weekend but so far I got a rough sculpt. But I’m still nowhere close to done. I still need to figure out the shape and then work more on the details. This is so much fun just wish I had the time to work on it more. my progress so far is below

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Not gonna lie but I had to take like a 3 week break.Because my final 3D animation work was due so I had to finish that.I’m really happy with how that student film came out. So now I only have 3 days to make something I don’t mind posting I did think maybe should just give up due to time but I’m gonna push for something to put up. But that gives me like 1 day to texture and 1 day to retopo pose and then add more detail but I’m gonna try

well, I don’t think I will be able to finish this in time the more I look at it the more I think I can’t get what I want in 4 days when the time given was a month. So sadly I must throw in the towel. Time was not on my side. But with the next challenge, I will definitely be able to put all the time in. I had to put my student life first lol. I will also finish this for myself and post it on my socials. and thanks for the opportunity flipped normals and don’t worry next challenge I will be ready and good luck to everyone :love_you_gesture: :love_you_gesture: