Horror Challenge - The Wolfman

This is my take on the classic wolfman character…work in progress.

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Ive worked more on the facial expression and skin details. I’ve also added the shirt with ZBRUSH dynamics.


Here’s the shirt a bit more torn.

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I’ve been working on the foot and pants. Still want to add more detail.

I’ve added some colour. The leg will be mirrored in Maya. I’ve also added some UV unwraps.

I focused a lot on the skin detail. A lot of hair and fur to be done.

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Working on the hair now.


Working on the hair a bit.

More updates on the hair and fur.

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Working on the lighting a bit. I still need to do fur on the feet and then a landscape backdrop. The character then has to be rigged and posed.

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Busy with Rigging.

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Rig in Motion:) [webp-to-gif output image]

My Werewolf textures.

Heres my viewpoint capture from Maya.

The Wireframe of my Final Render. One with fur, and one without.

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My Werewolf from the back and front.

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My Werewolf from the right.

My Werewold from the left.

My Final Submission.