Horror Challenge - Terror in the Deep

Hi everyone. Im very exited to be part of this challenge. This is one of the first looks to the Terror in the deep, that I’m working on

To create this Lovecraftian piece of the deep sea, I looked at what abilities an unbeatable monster in the deep should have. That’s why I combined humanoid features with sea snakes, sharks and gave it fins and terrible jaws

I got rid of the weak human jaws and added what could be an alligator or a crocodile with many teeth instead of a face.

I added sharp scales around this being’s entire body. My intention is to make it as lethal as possibleVideo Process

Four arms instead of two to make sure nothing slips through the cracks

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A few fins on the back to keep it moving even faster in the water. Because in the depths you don’t need eyes. I got rid of them.

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Working on the final pose