Horror Challenge - Spookie Smile

Hello everyone, here is my entry for the 2023 Horror Challenge by FlippedNormals: “Spookie Smile!:jack_o_lantern:

A sad little girl, abandoned by her parents in their deserted house, was given the chance to forever appear joyful. Indeed, a voice in the shadows offered her this opportunity, but it came with “a little transformation.” Naïve and desperate, the little girl accepted the offer to never cry alone in her room again, waiting for parents who would never return. Now, she keeps a piece of every visitor and explorer of abandoned places between her teeth. Be cautious when visiting houses; it might be the home of Spookie Smile!

Sculpted illustration in Blender, clothing created in Marvelous Designer, textured in Substance Painter, and rendered with Cycles. 4000x5000 px and 1200 samples. I created a little teaser on Instagram that I invite you to watch in the “Highlights” category “Spookie Smile”.

Every detail matters, and I enjoy working on fur and hair to add a realistic and eerie touch. I love this kind of atmosphere, but I had never worked on a monster before, so this was the opportunity. Thank you for organizing this challenge!

Here are some views of the different stages and software used.

First sculpt

Final Sculpt

Override view

Marvelous Designer view

Marvelous Deisgner 2D Pattern

Substance Painter

Close up

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