Horror Challenge - Morphegorth 🌌

Hi all, I’m Tim, an aspiring 2d/3d concept artist from India. Thanks FlippedNormals for this challenge :blush:

Starting a bit late but this is my original concept for Morphegoth, a nightmarish creature with shifting shapes that resides in the dream realm. (more lore on the final post if I’m able to finish it)
It’s based on lovecraftian cosmic horror and the fear of the unknown. Huge fan of berserk and darksouls so might take inspiration from the cosmic horror elements in them too.

Im not sure I can finish such a huge creature in time but I thought it was interesting and decided to give it a try. Always open to tips and suggestions.

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Getting the blockout to match the reference is the hardest part. Zbrush def needs a two panel view with different camera angles like blender/maya


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I think I injured my wrist trying to sculpt this :frowning:. Still a long way to go. Nearly gave up twice

Blurring my eyes to see the shapes better :sweat_smile:

Send the Pic to your phone and make notes once you turn off your pc

Lost a lot of detail when making the low poly and uvs. Low poly and uvs were very frustrating because even with split subtools the detailed parts were very complicated.

Finishing the details and getting it into substance is the next challenge.


Wooow! I wasn’t sure we’d get any more updates from you but this just appeared out of nowhere and it looks INSANE! Promise me you’ll finish this in time for the deadline on the 20th - this is too good not to be part of the final lineup :smiley:

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Thank youu Emilie :slight_smile: Now I have to finish it on time. Trying my best to get everything done as soon as possible.

Finally the baking has started. Was a real challenge exporting the high poly and fixing mesh errors for substance

Hopefully I can texture it in time :slight_smile:


Wondering how did you retopologized and unwrapped it…? :thinking: :thinking:

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Yeahh it wasn’t fun :sweat_smile:. Some manual retopo for big parts and auto retopo for the complex parts and then joining them together.

Not the final tex. Just an early pass from yesterday. The final is almost done but since we got 2 more days I’ll work on it some more :slight_smile:

Sculpted and stretched these rocks. Need to texture them and also make a ground by scattering these rocks (no idea how to scatter in blender but YouTube should help.) Or maybe just scatter them using nano mesh in zbrush? :thinking:. Learnt how to make fog in blender too.


Nodes setup for scattering…


If you haven’t already done it, remember to post your result in the final submissions thread today so your work can be considered for one of the prizes :slight_smile: Only a few hours left to go now! Countdown Timer – Countdown to Nov 23, 2023 in London, England

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Thank you. That looks so complicated to me :sweat_smile:. I need to learn geo nodes next.

Blender scene set up.
Wanted to add another volume box in the front but didn’t have enough time

Early smoke tests

Fin. Had a great time and this challenge made me push myself to the next level :clap:t2:

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This is some awesome work, I could look at every corner of your creature and wonder for hours!!

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Thank you so much. :slight_smile:

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