Horror Challenge - Mephisto


I sure as hell took my time to post here but believe it or not I have been following this challenge since it started.

My name is Peter and although I make a living creating models for 3D printing I stuggle to call myself a profesional with a straight face.

What I’m working on for this challenge is my own version of Mephisto from the Diablo series. I try to take an inspiration from both the original cinematic showing Mepshisto and the lovely fan art created by Kevin Cassidy and textured by Marco Tomaselli.

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At this moment I do have some of the high poly created:

while I do like the idea of making the horns vertical instead of horizontal ones which are commonly used for Mephisto I wonder if there is a need for some additional elements to compose the character better. I dont want it to be over the top so I try to restrict myself. I am however pleased with my idea of this “dress” hanging down from the rib cage. It is supposed to be like a mass of flesh kept toggether by a chainmail:

I struggled for a while with an idea for a face. At first I wanted it to be a little bit “normal”:

Then went for a little bit more skull-like design:

to finally settle on this:

The base for horns is made with and array mesh using this segment:

which I deformed using deformer soft, arrayed and shaped the whole mesh using bend curve:

I still need to work on them but for starters I hope they do the trick.

I am however curious, I tried to ask about this in the rules thread but get no answer: do I have to create a whole charactr or can I settle on a bust? I mean I try to create a whole one but I do believe that I can utilize he little I can with a bust so I wonder


test for eyes and part of the skull

This part of the skull finally has HighPoly, subdivs, UVs and textures. With Mephisto’s blessing I am even finish the whole head before the deadline xD

test render