Horror Challenge - Eclipsa

Hi, I’m Dima Zagorski, i’ve been doing 3d for several years now, particularly in character creation. I’ve recently shifted from Maya to Blender (man i love this UI) , embracing animation and a bit of semi-stylized art. Sculpting and texturing characters is main thing in life i guess :sweat_smile:, and I’m excited to about this new challenge.

Every Halloween, as an eclipse darkens our world - ‘Eclipsa’ comes to life, emerging from the fog to wander through the city streets. People think she’s just someone in a spooky costume, celebrating like everyone else. But when she gets close, they disappear, swallowed up by her . This ritual keeps her alive for another year.


some sculpting progress

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WIP - 3
I’ve blocked out the body proportions and think they’re pretty good now. Next up, I’m going to work on the hands.


playing with brushes- trying to find a nice shape before moving further with detailing