Horror Challenge - Demon King

In this challenge I will be creating a demonic creature.
this is my idea for now. but things might change in the future.

sketch in Photoshop


more progress

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getting there …

Render test. Didn’t start working on the face yet. and still figuring what details to add after pinning down the primary shapes.

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Did not do anything in the past 5 days. Today, I started working on the muscles on top of the scapula. I hope I can pose it and add the rest of the details this week.

Speedrunning this … only some details missing. I Hope I can make it.

Remember to post your result in the final submissions thread today so your work can be considered for one of the prizes :slight_smile: Only a few hours left to go now! Countdown Timer – Countdown to Nov 23, 2023 in London, England