Horror Challenge - Darling

Hey everyone!
This will be my first Flipped Normals art challenge and 2nd ever art challenge.
Looking forward to a hectic month of art.

I was thinking of creating a Vampyre who is holding the head of her last victim in her hand, looking menacing into the camera showing her fangs.
Now that’s a lot! So we’ll see if can fulfill my entire vision within 1 month haha

Today I started by blocking out her body in Zbrush, trying to get the proportions the way I want them. I do want her to be fairly realistic, but right now I am getting a bit more of a stylized feel from her. In the coming days, I’m sure I will nail this down a bit more!

Looking forward to seeing everyone else’s progress as well!


Still Early on.
I’m trying to figure out the base anatomy I want to go for.
Fighting the urge to turn her into a demon with big horns haha, maybe I’ll end up doing that we’ll see.
I’m noticing that it’s been ages since I have done a full-body realistic sculpt like this, or an attempt at it, most of my work at the moment is stylized so it’s been a while hehe. But there is no better time than now to dust off my old anatomy references ^.^

I plan to doodle a bit more on this zremeshed version to get some more of the anatomy figured out before I move on to proper retopology and dive head-first into proper anatomy :stuck_out_tongue: It’s going to be fun!

A bit more progress…
Sculpted some more from yesterday and projected all I have done so far on a free base mesh I downloaded from Blender.
A lot better topology to work with for now at least :slight_smile: I still plan to retopo everything myself, but want to be a bit happier with the body and head before I do so.


More WIPS!
I’m happier with the body and the head now. I want to make her a bit meaner tho, kinda like Lilith from Diablo or something. Still need to solidify the anatomy a bit more… and haven’t really gotten around to the hands and the feet yet…

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More WIPS!
I have been struggling with getting the body to feel more natural but I feel like I’m getting to a place where I am happy now.
I just need to figure out what to do with the face.
I still need to practice a bit of anatomy, but overall I like where it is right now.

I have also been thinking about what I want to do with the outfit, originally I was thinking something simple so I could focus on the anatomy., but now I have been looking into more classic vampire designs. I will probably end up going for something more simple and let the anatomy shine, but it’s fun to think about.

I have been sick so my progress and time for this challenge kind of stopped… Oh well. I will try to finish it within these 2 weeks but we will see how it goes.
I feel like my vampire turned into more of an anatomy study/practice haha. Maybe if I wanted to actually finish I should have gone for something stylized which I’m more comfortable with :slight_smile:

But Anatomy is fun, but progress is slow. I like the direction of the body and head. The clothes I will make are marvelous, I just needed something in zbrush for now so I made something simple.
I will move on to retopo now to get a good base mesh I can use in the future as well.

After retopo I will refine her design and move on to posing.

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A little progress at least!
So yeah. most likely not going to finish cuz of life…
But I am having fun jumping back into marvelous designer and making an outfit for her. I want her to be a modern vampire.
I found some nice references and styles I want to go for on Pinterest.
Leatherjacket with a t-shirt and a pleated skirt and some leather boots.

Going to work more on this model regardless of the competition. think I can make a really cool portfolio peace out of her.