Horror Challenge - Catcher of Darkness

Hello everyone!
I will accept the Halloween challenge and try to make the model as good, detailed and interesting as possible.
The Catcher of Darkness is a creature that was once a man, a cave explorer. One day this man found himself in a cave, he was swallowed up by the spirit that lived in it, and he remained in it forever. He began to slowly transform into this creature, living in the dark, luring random travelers inside to keep the ancient spirit alive.
The work will be done in Blender, Substance Painter, Marmoset Toolbag 4 and Photoshop
I started at late evening 30 october

The first evening I made a blackout concept

During the second evening I worked on detailing the limbs and drawing the body according to my idea.

The third day. Drawing the face, adding medium-detail level, moving to a smaller cell in the voxel remesher. Adding details of the insect.

Day four, adding details for the scolopendra, reworking the face, creating clothes. High detail level will come later.


Base retopo for multiresolution modifier sculpt. The level of high detail has been completed. Next is very high details, retopology and finally texturing.

Several screenshots from close distance.

With Cavity, small details can be seen better; in regular screenshots, a lot is lost. I did it for fun XD

Just for fun, I made three quick renders in Eevee. While all efforts are focused on the main model. According to my plan, I will have another 4-5 days to create a diorama scene, it should be exciting.

Level of very high detail is done. I tried to draw all the details of the skin in as much detail as possible. Iā€™m starting to retopology, additional clothing details will be added during texturing. Also additional accesoures will be added if time remains.