HighwayWolf - Little Red Riding Hood

Hey there!

First time challenger here.
I’ve been working on this one for quite some time, but didn’t find the courage to actually start posting. I’ve been sharing the progress with some friends who are also on the challenge, so I still have the process of design :slight_smile:

-March 23-

I started with a rough shape, deciding the Wolf should be a warrior.
At first I took refference on this design by @devinScribbles on twitter.


-March 25-

Took some time on silhouette and form, but I wasn’t super convinced I liked it yet.

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-March 31-

After some time off, I refined the form a little bit and started deciding a bit what to do to the back shape.

Took some inspiration on Sett, from League of Legends

Also decided the Wolf should be more of a “Highwayman” kind of character. A sly thief in the highways, threatening those who travel by.

And after looking a bit at some refferences on google of Highwayman outfits, decided to test it out a bit of outfits, just to get creativity going.

I didn’t really like the Tricorn Hat, but I had to test it out lol

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-April 1-

Refined some more of the body, specially the feet, and decided to remake the head, since I felt it was looking much more like a fox than a wolf.

Got some belts and a bandana mask to fit the Highwayman idea, but I was still feeling the back shape didn’t really fit and I hadn’t decided if it would be just his fur or something else.

Then I decided to dive a bit more on Sett’s design since I felt something was missing for the shape to fit the character.

Also started to give it a little more color to make it easier to define and see the shapes.

And since the hat wasn’t really fitting, I decided to make him wear Little Red Riding Hood’s hood, to fit the story better, as if he stole it from her. This wolf has already done some bad deeds, but didn’t find the Hunter, or the Woodcutter (depending on which version you guys have heard).

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-April 7-

Decided a little more on his clothes and really liked the idea of him wearing the girl’s hood instead of the red bandana mask.

I tried using Zbrush’s cloth dynamics for the cape part of the hood as a scarf, but I wasn’t satisfied with the results yet.

Also started deciding on a shape for his big sword, following that first refference.

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-April 9-

This is the latest entry, I took some time off since then.

I decided to model myself at least the part of the cape that is on his neck, to make some stylized shapes I would enjoy more.

His overall looks and silhouette are much closer to something I feel satisfied now, but I still didn’t find something I’d like to do to his tail.

I’m still entertaining the idea of giving him a dagger and a pistol to fit better the highwayman refferences I saw on Google Images, and since I don’t see his big sword fitting to his back as I intended at first due to the plumes on his coat.

Well, that’s it for now. I’ll be adding more soon :smiley:


your shape language (i think thats the term haha), is beautiful.

Maybe just me but feel the tail could be abit bigger as it kinda looks like he super front heavy/about to fall?

then again i guess real wolfs do have really stubby tails never noticed till looking it up hu… thats very cute haha

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Thank you!!
I didn’t think about how front heavy he is, I’ll make bigger shape for the tail to bring some balance and see how it turns out :smiley:

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-April 27th, 28th and 29th-

Been a while, but i’ve worked on him some more.
Made his tail bigger as suggested by Gareth, honestly I really loved how it turned out, so thank you very much for the hint Gareth!! :smiley:

Also decided his belts needed something else, so I made these little containers for the money and goods he steals.

He’s now fully retopoed (clothes and all), with UVs and ready for texturing
I’ve used Maya for the retopology and UVs

Also designed a dagger instead of the huge sword I was thinking at first.
I’m honestly super proud of it!

Now for some rest before texturing and rigging this fella and taking him to Unreal or Unity :slight_smile:
Hopefully I’ll be right on time lol

-April 30th-

Had to retopo some more of his clothes just to make better UVs.
Low poly on Maya hitting 38k Tris!!


I was a bit afraid the base of the body would be too low poly for transfering details, but it ended up better than expecter! :smiley:

After all the hassle with UVs, I fully textured him on Substance Painter!

I’m super proud of how the dagger turned out!

Bonus quick render on iRay just to see how it turned out

After that, I sent it back to Maya and plugged every texture again

And now I’m super tired for the day, but I tried at least a little bit of quick rigging just to see how it would turn out.

It didn’t respond quite well, as expected lol
Next up, fully rigging and posing him and getting it ready for Unreal, or Unity :slight_smile:

This is the first time I manage to bring a character to this point, and honestly I’m super proud of how it’s turning out. It has some flaws, some things I know I could do better, but I don’t think I’ll have the time to fix it.

But for sure it’s been super worth the entire experience!! :smiley:

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Make sure to get your final submission in :wink: we will only start collecting them when the first of may has passed everywhere in the world so there is still time :slight_smile:

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Thank you so much!! :smiley:
I’ll make sure to get it there on time!!

I’ve sent my submission, so I’ll leave this thread with the latest render I did on Blender and also the Unity render for the challenge :smiley:

I’ve learned a ton with this project!
Hope to do some more in the future ^^