Halloween Challenge - SCP Creature

Hello everyone,
This is my first 3D Challenge ever, so I am gonna start with introducing myself!
My Name is Ben Jahn, I am 24 Years old and started learning 3D for Games 3 Years ago. Due to that I am still learning, I am very grateful for any constructive feedback!

I am a huge fan of Horror Creatures and dark art, so I had to participate in this challenge! I love the SCP fandom and its twisted Creature Concepts, so I decided to make a Creature myself and realize it in 3D.

I am not the best story writer but I was thinking of a scientist who was playing god and experimented with different lifeforms to bend the borders of creation. Some self-test went wrong and turned him into some surreal abomination.
I want to make a combination of different organic Forms gathered from nature and also trigger Trypophobia, so if you suffer from that, consider not looking through this thread^^

I am really late but managed to finished some Concept and Blockout.
Here is my Reference Board:

Here are some thumbnail Silhouettes to check if my concept is working, also in the dark.