Halloween Challenge - Nightmare Demon

Hello everyone! Working one a nightmare creature based one Castlevania demons e MTG card game. Enjoy the process!

Day 1 - Base model with Zsphere

Working on the base mesh

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Keeping working on the basemesh


I couldn’t modeling this week, but I tried a little bit today. Too much work on, and I had problems doing the face.

But here is the process. Hope you like it!

I remade the head and face, it nows have eyes! Working on the teeth.

Next step is finish the nails

And the tails!
That’s all part of the basemesh of the modeling.
Hope I can finish all this by tomorrow, and work on the details and pose on sunday!

Basemesh done!
He is ready to pose.

Have you ever try Proxy Pose?
Almost finish …

More poses