Halloween Challenge 2023 - FN Spoopy Lady

Hello! Newb here. I saw the contest post on Youtube, and decided to give it a shot. I know I’m getting a pretty late start, so I’m hoping I can at least get something I’m somewhat happy with. Everyone else’s stuff is looking pretty great!

A bit more completed. Decided to start with Sculptris to smooth and get base shapes, then I’ll retopo in Blender and do details back in Zbrush.

Update: I’ve been sculpting and adding/changing ideas for the scene. I’ve done retopo for most of the items. For the lady’s full body, I ended up just Zremeshing because I’m starting a new overnight job and my time has been even more limited. Hopefully I can get to texturing and scene setup in Blender next week.

I modeled a simple environment for my character in Blender because I had some free time tonight.

Ok, have to be done with sculpting now.
Monster GIF

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Here is the light setup for the final image. 10 lights of varying variations.

Final submission posted, but figured I’d post a final look at what it first looked like to what I ended up with. Pretty happy with what I did. Thanks to anyone who has taken a look.