Halloween Challenge 2023- Ashcarnum

Hello everyone,

I’m John C, new to the Flipped Normals challenge, and I’m really excited to participate in this competition. Here’s where I am with my work-in-progress.

I’m about to create a character which i called as “Ashcarnum” It takes inspiration from the idea of a “burned corpse evolving into a monstrous being” within a horror theme. My primary objective is to make it genuinely frightening, and I’m looking forward to sharing it with all of you, hoping you’ll enjoy the final result.

I engaged in some kitbashing and created an eight-headed character. I also sculpted some basic body anatomy and a face, which will be beneficial for adding more character details as I progress further.

I added more details to the character model and sculpted bones within the character. The bones became visible due to intense burning in certain areas, resulting in a horrifying appearance. I also added wings, horns, and a tail, giving it a monstrous look. I then altered the character’s facial expression and initially sculpted regular teeth, but later decided to reshape them into sharper, pointy teeth.

This was final texture of my character without lights

With Lights

Textures i used

Character in wireframe mode


Final Render

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