Frankenstein's monster hunter


So, this idea popped into my head the moment I saw Frankenstein in the suggestion list. I just rewatched the 2004 Van Helsing movie a few days back, and i’ve been reading a lot of Hellboy recently, so i’ll probably be heading for that direction visually.

I just recently got Zbrush too, so this will be the first big project using the software…o-oh no. Hopefully i’ll at least manage to finish the model properly this time.

Welp, time to start gathering some references and get cracking on the blockout!

Good luck, everyone!

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Goodluck too you pal, first big project will be awesome for learning, so hopefully we can give ya some feedback and help :slight_smile:

Good luck! :smiley:

Thank you guys!

The blockout is well on its way. I’m still playing around with the proportions and shapes, trying my best to keep away from the classic Boris Karloff look. So far i’m happy with the results.

I was thinking about giving him a big ol’ hammer, to bonk the less groovy ghoulies with. Going to be switching over to blocking that out for a while. After that i’ll finalize the body’s blockout with a fresh set of eyes.


Wow! He’s looking so great already, love the tiny glasses on his angry face xD

Hello hello!

Been a bit busy as of late, but Ive managed to chip away at Frank every now and then. I’ve always struggled with clothing, this time being no exception. Oh well, I just have to keep at it and push past that ugly phase.

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