FairyTale Challenge: Abyssal Empress Ariel

Hey Everyone!

Right after I submitted my entry for the Space Opera Challenge, I saw this and wanted another challenge.
I decided after like 3 days of researching that I wanted to go with some kind of alternate story ariel. My fiance showed me these disney books called “A twisted tale” when I told her my base idea. These books ranged from “What if Ariel never defeated Ursula” to “What if sleeping beauty never woke up” and many others.
I decided to take a dark twist and thought “What if a I made Poseidon a wrathful father that took no disobedience from her daughter” and so I went with the premise “What if Poseidon banished Ariel to the deepest part of the ocean”.
Here is my reference board. I wanted to try to pay tribute to a few artists that I admire in this piece, drawing inspiration from their work. Robbie Trevino, Niyazi Selimoglu, Oleg Bulakh and Peter Konig.

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Can’t wait to see some results :slight_smile:

Update #4
Working on facial proportions and tertiary details. Trying to emulate Niyazi Selimoglu’s Style. Shooting to be done with the sculpt and move to retopo by next wednesday.

Update #5
I am going to move to retopology. Happy with the new lobster body vs the old spider crab body. Helps the silhouette have more curves. Going to spend this last month doing the retopo and texturing.

All right, that’s not what I expected at all, interesting twist, pretty sick :+1:

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Thank you :smiley: Its been fun so far. Looking forward to seeing how other entries will turn out.

Update #6
Starting to do retopology. So many spikes. shooting to start texturing around the 12th to give myself enough time before the deadline.

Update #7
Finished the Low Poly. Starting to unwrap. Had a few trouble shooting issues with the size of the model within zbrush when exporting but I am working it out. Here are two pictures from the model separated in preparation for baking.

Update #8
I have been sinking so much time into this project and I am happy to finally say she is ready for texturing. Created two 4096 Texture Maps. Ignore the arms clipping the front legs. Really excited to see where I go with this.