Fairy Tales Reimagined- World War Baba Yaga

Hey everyone who reads this.My name is Nikola and this challenge will be the first character i realize and finish.
I am starting a bit late but i started 3D a month ago so my project wont be the best.It never hurts to try.
For now the character i am creating is a WW1 isnpired reimagening of the old russian witch Baba Yaga.
I imagin her as a russian bomber riding her broom and causing trouble on the battlefield.

for now this is my inspiration list and i have started to create the base of my model

yesterday i started with the modeling and this is the rough result

I am stil learning the program and it has been a first for me as an artist to have to look at old women for referense.

Also i started to model a “bucket plane” as i call it for her

It still needs some work on the model but soom it is time to texture.


There’s always time to learn new things, pretty big challenge, can’t wait to see what you’ll do :dizzy:

That’s a really cool idea, I’m looking forward to seeing how it comes out!

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