Fairy Tales Challenge - Puss in the boots

Hi guys! I am not too late, starting my version of Puss in the boots. This dude I putted in a near future, cyberpunk Puss! So lets take some fun! Actual Puss will be a stranger in the cat mask. Here is my first iteration, I sketched some out mask designs. What do you think? Feel free to share any feedback

UPD 04.30


Sounds like a fun idea :cat2: Can’t wait to see how it turns out, good luck! :smile:

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Thanks my friend!

I did some explorations on boots and overall look. Please, mark ones you don`t like, thanks!

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Both boots look great, but I like option A a little more. As for the overall look, I’m enjoying options 2 and 3!

Changed boots design, tried to add some more japan vibes. Blockout 80% done! Mask looks weird, any suggestions on it? Mask|344x500

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Made jacket and refined mask. Mask is kinda ok, but I`ll figure out how to improve it. Also next I am going to design his robotic arm, some fun on the way! And here short tutorial about how I made this jacket


Wow, you’re fast :flushed:

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Thanks! Best I can do for now, lots to improve :sweat_smile:

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Good idea by the way, that’s a darker version of the Puss in the Boots :skull:

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Making robotic arm, want to make some kind of a cats claws on it with three fingers. Trying to apply some remarkable patterns on it. Also 90% made shirts

Spent lot of time on hat, like 3 hrs, that was too much! But at least I leave it, will consider it done. Also made belt, and refined straps. Legs done! Now he wears leggings under shirts, what a funny dude! I should finish high poly and retopo this week. Say something, guys! How is it going?

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Wow 5 days remains! And I`m done with the high poly, lets call it done. Had lots of problems with robotic hand, was researching for good hardsurface desing refs. As result stopped on this. Considering the lack of time I cut some ideas, like broken handcuffs, second sword. His human face now will be hidden under mask, I skip retopo of that part. Anyway, I move forward, gonna make real quick retopo, bake and good nice textures. Stay tuned, guys, another fun part on the way!

Woow, I really like the style ! good job. Impressive job with the robotic arm, I love it.

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Thank you my friend! The arm was the most struggle for me, glad you like it!

Retopology done! I`m still on the track, gonna keep pushing turbo mode :grin:
It could be less polys, but limit was 100k, so I just gave myself a go. Still not too heavy. Noow UV , bake and textures on the way! Go go go! See you soon

Clocks ticking! By the way Ive done with UV, gogogo bake and textures! Turbo mode! :sweat_smile:

Base mats applied, will add some dirt and imperfections, also adjust color scheme. See you tomorrow!

Still on my way, making final shots. By the way, here`s kinda teaser