Fairy Tales Challenge |Linh Cinder, the cyborg Cinderella

Hi ! For this challenge I will be making Linh Cinder, a cyborg futuristic version of Cinderella, the character is part of a wonderful book series : the Lunar Chronicles. I wanted to make this character for a long time ago, so now is the best time to do so ! Enjoy my thread :slight_smile:

So to know a bit more about her:
She’s been rescued from an accident as a child by a scientist by being given mechanical body replacement and he adopted her.
The story takes place as she is now a young adult, his adoption father has died from a strange worldwide pandemic so now Linh Cinder is under the responsibility of her step mother in a society hating cyborg .
Her step mother always blamed Cinder for the death of her husband and makes her work as mechanics and electronics fixer downtown while offering the best to her two legitimate daughters.
Cinder has a cyborg foot and hand since her accident but her stepmother would never let her have a bigger foot now she’s grown up, so she has to save money secretly to buy one at her size to be able to walk comfortably.

Here is my first update !
I have been quite busy this past weeks so I wanted to have my references and concept done so that I can finally get into sculpting this week so here it is

Here is my researches for silhouettes and design:

Concept designs: