Fairy Tales Challenge | Karlsson on the roof

Hey everyone!

For this challenge i’ll reimagining the “Karlsson on the Roof” story by Astrid Lindgren. When i was a kid Karlsson was my favorite character from this story. I didn’t read a book but i watched a cartoon based on this story a lot. So when i accidentally found this challenge i’m immediately knew which character i wanted to do.

My character for this project will be Karlsson, i have a few ideas how i can reimagine his story. This will be an interesting challenge for me. I never did a 3d game ready character so it is double challenge for me.

Good luck everyone!

Here are some references from the cartoon and book illustrations.


oh this character is a big memory from my childhood
i wonder how will your result look like and further ideas :+1:


Sketch time!
I started researching what i can do with his design and silhouette, also what can i do with his story overall.
I actually love the original design in old cartoon so i my main goal was to save his overall mood but make his design more modern for our time.

Afterall i kinda like the aviator idea, because i can make his story more for adult viewer not only children. I can also effectively get rid of its propeller by placing it on the back of the jacket in the form of a logo.


cyberpunk aviator would fit well i think :smiley:
tbh his original design is so bad anyting is better
tho these are very good ideas so far

thanks! :slightly_smiling_face:
i think i’ll go with retro aviator style not sci-fi

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I asked some people what do they think about the design and we are all agreed that he is a little boring.
I decided to change his story to make his overall design look more interesting.

Here is my short script for Carlson story.
Carlson’s dream was to become a pilot, but he was not very tall and could not be take as a pilot.
After the failure, he decided to design his own flying machine. He spent his entire childhood among cars and loved to take them apart and put them back together, and over time he even began to invent his own inventions.
In the end, he managed to assemble a rather unusual device for moving through the air, it was not an airplane, but now he can finally fly!
Neighbors complained that he was loafing around. Carlson realized that with the help of his invention, he could help people and decided to become the first postman pilot of his kind!

When I was looking for references for his engine, I came across a very interesting article. In 1967, one of the students of the Polytechnic Institute made a motor for Carlson as his work for the exhibition. He called it the MPI-4. Its engine was based on a chainsaw.
You can read the article here but it is on russian :smiley:

Here is my final concept for him.


I completely forgot that you need to show progress in your work. :smiley:

Here are my first steps with the model. So far, it’s something between high poly and low poly.

Does someone know, should i pose him before i do low poly? Or it’s better to do all steps and pose him in the end?


Lovely concept! :+1:
I’d say do the high poly first cause then you can also adjust it if you suddently need a massive change. In the concept it looks like the pose isn’t super dynamic and more of a nice idle, which means you can get away more easily with T or A-posing (like you’ve already done) :grin:
If it’s a game-ready model, then its usually best to save posing for the end in my opinion!

Thank you!
in tutorials people do different things so i thought it’s better to ask

finally finished my hp :smiley: