Fairy Tales Challenge - Final Submissions

This is my modern day Pied piper ‘pest control’ edition
Rendered in Toolbag 3, Texture in substance painter and modelled with Zbrush, Maya, Marvellous (little bit of xgen)


The King of Ireland’s Son

Here is the final shot of my The King of Ireland’s Son reimagining, placing him far in the future beyond his original story and into the near future. The Sword of Light is a bit more literal, with the blade being a hard-light construct emblazoned with the sun and moon. For the final shot I took inspiration from the book’s beautifully illustrated cover, moments before the ravens attack. Everything has been rendered in Marmoset Toolbag 4, but I also created a version suited for Unreal Engine 4 using the packed texture system and building out an optomized material set using a master material and material instances.
I sculpted the character from scratch in ZBrush, retopologized in Maya, modeled the hard-surface objects in Maya, textured everything using Susbtance Painter and some materials I created in Substance Designer, rigged and posed in Maya, and rendered in Marmoset Toolbag 4.
The triangle count for the entire scene, including the environment assets, came out to a total of 79,121 triangles and two 4096px texture sets.

Front, side, and back views: 55,935 Triangles

A-pose front, side, and back views

Front, side, and back views of the sword: 2340 Triangles

Environment items: The rocks are 9863 each fro a total of 19,726, the ravens are 112 triangles each for a total of 1120 triangles.


Material overview and texture sheets

Additional shots of some of the details of the character

Marmoset viewer And lastly, my WIP thread! This project was an amazing learning experience and I was so happy to take part in this challenge. https://challenges.flippednormals.com/t/the-king-of-irelands-son/1403

Final Submission: Little Mermaid
Render done in Blender EEVEE
Faces : 48.942
Triangles: 98.038
Unfortunately I didn’t get to pose character



So some additional info that I felt didn’t quite fit the main body of the post!
The timing of this was wild. Literally just days before the contest was announced, I had started gather reference for The King of Ireland’s Son because I wanted to model him as a game character. When the challenge was announced, I took it as a sign and gave it my all! This was a super fun learning experience and I’m really proud of how it came out.
Some of the inspirations for this project were the original illustrations from the book, Fortnite, and in particular, Overwatch. Overwatch already has a ton of medieval and fantasy elements enhanced with science-fiction, so I took inspiration from both its style and themes.

I owe a ton to fellow artists and friends for lending a critical eye and amazing constructive criticisms that help push both me and the project to the best it could be.
I had initially planned to render entirely in Unreal Engine 4, but realized Marmoset would serve the project better. Still, the character is fully game ready and I may eventually put him up on Artstation as an asset for folks to use!

The entire character, including all the extra elements, was condensed to just 1 master material, 1 eye clearcoat material, with 8 material instances built from those two.
This is the Unreal render, The King of Ireland's Son but given that it’s using things like Unreal’s skybox, landscape, and water materials, it didn’t fit the rules for the final submission. Still, really proud of how this came out too!
I haven’t dived into face rigging before, and even in the case of this, it was a very simple rig. Still, it allowed me to create what may be my best piece of very professional animation:

All in all, I’m super proud of this project. It helped me learn a lot, connect to a lot of new folks, and helped me grow as an artist! I’m looking forward to my next project utilizing what I’ve learned.


Beauty and The Beast
55K Tris

(Marmoset renders)






I decided to rethink Robin Hood and make my own version from the future, but unfortunately I didn’t have time to finish my project.I hope you like what I’ve done. )
Zbrush sculpt and render, modeling and cleanup in Maya,


I don’t know how I finished this. I had originally worked on a very elaborate and badass jaeger-esque wolf mech for my red riding hood which you could see in my progress thread but I got carried away with the functional side of robot modelling and details that my poly count even after retopology ran away from me.

I Was going to quit but didn’t taste right so I started and finished the drone over the course of 24 hours… somehow. I’m naming it the huntsmen drone H.A.T.I. because it would compliment my mech wolf( which I’ll probably call Fenrir or something along those lines) when I inevitably finish it for my portfolio.

I feel like I made the challenge harder for myself by being too ambitious and in future I may need to learn how to keep my drive for something cool and challenging in check. I wish I could have had more time to polish everything but the fault is entirely my own. I’m just glad I didn’t quit and can end this challenging keeping that fact in mind. Good luck to everyone, I wish you all the best in your adventures. Thank you


That`s what happens when you meet puss in the boots in the future. Thank you people who made this challenge happen , learned a lot and had a great time! Had a lot of Ideas on it, happy to accomplish at least some of them. Hopefully see you soon again!

turntable https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ScFOuCmLt6M
High poly - Zbrush and MoI3d, UV - RizomUV, retopo - Maya, baking - marmoset, textures - substance painter and photoshop, render -marmoset.
I could not upload marmoset viewer here so here is my cloud link on it from my google docsMarmoset viewer

WIP thread


Hello there, here is my take on the myth of Midas.

“Greed bring greed, Prince Midas is a young mercenary, his desire for gold was not enough he needed more”

I learnt a lot in this project first time i made a character that complex for realtime
Just to mention a few of what I discovered with this challenge, first time making hair cards for realtime and first time I used marvelous designer !
Render in Marmoset
I didn’t understand how to make a public marmoset viewer link so here’s a link to download my mview file. Link to mview

And last but not least the link to my WIP where i share a little bit about the story and the process !
Link to the WIP

Thanks for the challenge, that was awesome !


D4-PHROG Prince 2050 - Here is my final submission everyone! I had a lot of fun in this challenge, and hopefully I can join in on some future ones as well! Things became a little hectic in the end between schoolwork and debating on final pose and what render platform I should go with. I hope you enjoy my creation. Thank you Flipped Normals for a fun challenge and such a gracious time period in which to complete it. Good luck to everyone in the challenge, I wish you the best!

Final image rendered in Unreal Engine -

HDRI with additional lighting and image plane and small floor plane textured -

Additional Views -

Poly Count -

UV Layout -

Link to my Progress

Link to my IG for more progress images and additional renders.


Excellent job! I love the lighting so much! Awesome work!

Well, I did what i could, I’m a little disapointed I didn’t get to where I wanted, but still proud of what I’ve accomplished, since it’s my first time reaching this level of completion for a Game Ready Character.

Here’s my Highway Wolf from Red Riding Hood. He’s a vile thief mugging innocent travelers.

Posed Scene in Unity :slight_smile:

Front, Side and Back view in Blender Eevee because I liked it a little better there, since I’m still a noob on proper game engines lol

Wireframe on Maya (still learning how weird it is to take something from Zbrush and sending to other softwares, so don’t mind him under the floor…

Got him to 38k Tris.
I retopoed the main body and some of the clothes and the dagger on Maya
Also learned to UV, even if just a little bit lol

Main body UV.

Struggled a lot with textures, and made the mistake of going for 4k textures even though I didn’t need…
Used Substance Painter to bake all the maps
I made a UV tile for each asset he has, so… Yeah…

But I gotta say I’m super proud of the dagger!!:smiley:

Well, I wanted to have an animation for him, but I struggled a lot with textures and rigging.
I tried it in Maya and in Blender (Blender felt a little less complicated).
I actually got to make controls for him, but they kept breaking the mesh, so I decided to just bind the skin straight to the armature and made some support bones just so I could pose him.

Well, it’s not at the point I wished to reach, but I have learned a LOT during these days making him and I’m super proud of it! Thank you for the opportunity and I’ll make sure to get better (and more organized!!) results next time!! :smiley:

Just adding some extra and better renders here made on Eevee just to feel better about how he turned out. I’m super happy I finally learned a way to make the camera behave properly and learned this simple grass setup, so I had to post it here too :smiley:


Dunno know if I made it, but I did the best I could with the time I had.


Finally I have finished. My first ever character creation I am just happy I finished In time. It wasn’t without its headaches or astounding level of computer crashes, I have been burning the candle at both ends for the entire month of April and am finally ready to rest.
I had difficulty bringing my character from substance painter into blender so I had to learn how to use unreal for the final renders which is unfortunate because I had my scene staged In blender but did not have the time to replicate it.

Sculpted In Zbrush
Retopology done in blender
texturing was done in substance painter

Final Renders were done in Unreal Engine 4 115K tris (in blender I had 90K polys I am unsure if those are representing the same thing or not )

Texture Overview 2 4K map sets body parts on one all clothing on the other

I couldnt find a way to render wireframes relliably in unreal so I took these in substance painter .

Final Renders In Unreal

Thank you for the opportunity It was a fantastic way to test my skills as a novice 3D artist I have learned so much and pushed past every barrier. I hope to do It again sometime soon and do twice as much in half the time. Goodluck to everyone!!!


Hi everyone, here’s my submission for Fairy Tales Reimagined!

:mushroom: Alice in Sci-Fi Land :mushroom:

:mushroom: Concept :mushroom:

My concept is a sci-fi Alice (from Alice in Wonderland) who’s ready to fight the chaos in Wonderland! In this story she’s been stuck in a time-loop for decades, time keeps resetting but is also moving forward simultaneously. Each time she returns to Wonderland it’s, just like her, going through the changes of time and they both get a new upgrade when the clock resets :clock4: In this setting she has just picked up a mysterious glowing mushroom, to eat or not to eat?

Beauty Shots

Unreal Engine Viewport


I made two 4096x4096 texture sets (basecolor, normal, metallic/roughness, emmisive color & opacity mask)


Total polycount is 68 250 faces / 135 786 tris (excluding the mushroom in her hand)

WIP Images

Work-in-progress thread: https://challenges.flippednormals.com/t/fairy-tales-challenge-alice-in-sci-fi-land/1617

I had a lot of fun with this challenge and enjoyed meeting new people, it’s a very nice community here, happy to have been a part of it! :mushroom:

I hope you like it! :rabbit:


Hey everyone, so this is the end of this journey, i can say im happy with the results of my model, even though im not a concept artist, i use as inspiration different concept art to create my own character.
The story is pretty simple, red riding hood is now a protecting the people of her village and grandma with her musket and bayonet in a kinda medieval age, were humanoid wolves are hunting humans.

Hope you all enjoy my work!

softwares used:
Zbrush: sculpting high poly
Maya: retopo, UV
Substance Painter: texturing
Mari: Texturing the head
photoshop: create textures for the eyes
hairstrand designer: for hair



Wireframe Render:








Please Check the Marmoset Viewer interactive version on my Artstation:


beginning: Fairy Tales Challenge - Little Red Ridding Hood, Marksman Warrior

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Modern Dracula - My first real time character. I learned a lot !! :heart: I wish I had more time.
Render: Eevee - Blender 2.9 - 61.154 Triangles

Video Preview

Render - Marmoset Toolbag 4 (first time using marmoset)


My progress:


Total Tris: 25,480
Rendered in Blender EEVEE

Little Imp Cinderella


Body Textures and Clothes + Hair Textures

(posted link because normal maps were too big to post)
Water droplet is a very simple glass material with no texture.

This was a fun little project that was also very stressful because of how late I started. The idea was to have a tiny, thumb sized imp that loves watching humans get fancy and join parties. Wanting to feel like a princess herself, she makeshifts her own ball gown out of leaves, grass, and blueberries for fun.

I also liked the idea of her using droplets of water for fancy footwear.

Although stressful, it was really thrilling working with a deadline again. Thank you everyone for hosting such a fun event! Also very very sorry for being so late :bowing_man: :bowing_man: :bowing_man:

Link to progress: Making a Cinderella with a little forest imp thing


Continuing the discussion from Fairy Tales Challenge - Final Submissions:


I am Leaves and i will be honored to escort you to a safe place, traveller, since your emergence most definately caused commotion and soon will be noticed. You must trust me!

As you may have guessed, Leaves is a Faun! Roman mythological creature, most likely inspired by Greek - Satyr.
They tend to be the guides to a main character in fables and tales, escorting, helping, indeed a very interesting characters.

Leaves is an alien faun on a distant earthlike planet. Not a typical satyr type, i went to create a unique creature with sort of alienie plant growth on head and legs, inspired by seaweed growth. Bark type skin, stylized proportions. Legs and feet are obviously ostrich inspired for being so super alien looking. Mix of steampunk gear. Walking cane is also a weapon.
Backpack is an oxigene pack, has a small eco-system inside, that is clearly from earth, although Leaves originated neither from earth or from the the planet we encounter him on.
Maybe we will find out some day. Who knows…

p.s. Eco system creates fresh air for the faun. The tree is white birch very common in my home country and I was living out of there more then half of my life - white birch have a particular seeds smell which i remember from chilhood. Almost like a part of me in that character want a breath of my childhood hometown air…

I took this project from a very sillouette and concept i created -

Made model sheet for zbrush -

And equipment -

Screenshots of the first sketches in zbrush -

When i was happy with my A-Pose -

by then i fixed proportions, modeled properly the gear,
I then took it to UVLayout to UV map it. I used UDIM tiles, due to number of objects.
First time using UDIMs.
After that i used a simple rig in Maya to pose the character.

Then it was brought back to zbrush for fixing geometry that was deformed after posing, adding some assymetrical details and cleaning up. Preparing for high to low workflow using “match by mesh name” export to Substance Painter. Where it was textured and rendered.
After many many dances with the voodoo drums and selling my soul to the devil, i managed to texture and bake all of the maps with a result you can see here -

More shots -

After the render on some close ups i discovered a few artifacts which i will fix but not for the submission - simply wont make it. I was pretty sure i was never going to make it but im a happy happy man i did. Hope you guys enjoy Leaves!

Whole project for me was a challenge itself, to tackle all of the issues i had from the start to finish. To say i learned a lot is to say nothing. I think i had every issue possible that i had to deal with.

Great project, great challenge, happy me!

Walking cane -

Sketchfab link -

109 k points


p.s. Forgive me for being a bit of a donut in terms of submiting my work, first i got myself put on hold somehow and couldnt submit in time, later i created the topic but told to reply with my work to the topic instead. Hope i can still participate! Thanks!

This is incredible! I am not an artist but I was drawn to this posting because I’m currently retelling the Nutcracker and the Mouse-King. I really like how you thought about this and I completely agree with you! This is what the arts minimize when they depict the Mouse King in almost every production. Anybody seeing this would truly understand without words why this Mouse-King is to be feared. He represents the destruction of the human spirit in its purest and most demonic form. Almost as if to say, “There is nothing left - just me.” The ultimate battle between good and evil. And obviously, goodness is always worth defending! Great Job! I would love to see more of your work. I’ll keep checking!