[Fairy Tales Challenge] - Alice in Sci-Fi Land

Hey everyone! First time here, hoping I’m still in time to get this finished! :kissing:

:mushroom: Concept :mushroom:

My concept is a sci-fi Alice (from Alice in Wonderland) who’s ready to fight the chaos in Wonderland! In this story she’s been stuck in a time-loop for decades (centuries?) so time keeps resetting but also moves forward simultaneously. Each time she returns to Wonderland it’s, just like her, going through the changes of time and gets a new upgrade when the clock resets :clock4:

Only got a reference/moodboard right now, concept art to follow!


Nise idea and cool refs! Interesting how it gonna turn out

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Thanks Gibbon_king! :smile:

Update on the concept today:

It’s still wip because I’m not quite sure about the details yet, I want some weapon or machinery to go with it. But I’m going to start blocking and revisit the concept as I go :smile:

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Cool concept! Look forward to seeing you start with this :smiley:

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:mushroom: Pose Sketches :mushroom:

I’ve started blocking out the body in ZBrush, update to follow soon—

Just wanted to share a couple pose ideas first. I’m thinking of a mid-air sorta pose, where she’s jumping down the rabbit hole, something dynamic and fun! :rabbit:

Any feedback always welcome! :smile:

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:mushroom: Blocking Progress :mushroom:


YAS! She’s looking great, Get that retopo done, bruh!

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Sneakers are cool! She`s gonna fly! Wonder how she will looks with textures!

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WIP Picture Dump Update :smile:

High Poly Sculpt Before Retopo

Retopology and UV’s in Maya

Quick lighting test in Maya

Projecting in ZBrush & finishing high poly sculpt

Baking in Substance Painter

Texturing in Substance Painter

Unreal Engine 4 Viewport

UE4 Renders/Screenshots


I made two 4096x4096 texture sets (basecolor, normal, metallic/roughness, emmisive color & opacity mask)

Wireframe: total count is 68 250 faces / 135 786 tris

So that’s it for now! I’m pretty happy with the result and I learned a lot more about making a real-time character. I wanted to push it a little further still, definitely on the presentation side, and there are still some things that I need to fix, but all in all it looks a lot like what I conceptualized it to be :smile:

I had a lot of fun with this challenge and enjoyed meeting new people, it’s a very nice community here, happy to have been a part of it! :mushroom: :rabbit: