Fairy Tale Challenge: Rapunzel

Hey everyone, I’m ArbitraryCanary! This is my first Flipped Normals challenge.

The concept for my entry is cyber Rapunzel (after looking at entries, is definitely a trend haha), with a long braided cable as her hair, once I get there. Currently blocking out and ideating. Feedback is appreciated :slight_smile:


Small updates to the clothing and some small anatomy. Reworked a lot about the neck up.

Also blocked out a weapon for her as well. I have a strange idea for the integration but I think it will end up working. :slightly_smiling_face:

Gonna work on the braid in Blender tomorrow.

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Took a short break to work on another project, but I’ve now finished the high poly.

Small redesigns + added a jacket.

The braid, which will be arrayed to save texture space.
Entire redesign of the twohanded blaster.

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Mostly done with the texturing, now on to rigging :slight_smile:

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I like your Jacket and boots!

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Thank you! :smile: