Fairy Tale Challenge: R0B1N_HD

Hi everyone! I have decided to reimagine the fairytale character Robin Hood. I have decided to make a modern day female Robin Hood, who is a hacker vigilante which takes from the rich and gives to the poor. I have never created a real-time game character before so this will undoubtedly be a big challenge! Any pointers or guidance will be highly appreciated!

Here is my initial moodboard:

Here is come initial ideas, I like to mash up photos for speed to get a quick idea:

Here are some concept sketches:

And a final concept (for now), I want to have a semi-solid foundation before I started sculpting:

Progress on my base mesh so far!

Worked more on the face today:

Blocking out the clothes today!

Still continuing with blocking the clothes out, next step is to completely block everything out and then to go in to Marvelous designer! Not sure if the shilouette is working yet, I think that once I add boots and give her a bit of height she will look more proportional.



Wow! The concept looks awesome, can’t wait to see how she turns out!

Thank you so much!

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Worked a little more on the face this weekend! Hopefully will be getting in to marvelous designer soon.

Finally in Marvelous Designer, this is a big learning curve so taking it very slowly. I have blocked out the clothes, next I will be working on the jacket I want it to be the main focus of the outfit so will take my time with this one.

Update on Marvelous Designer; this is where I will be bringing it back in to Zbrush.

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Update on the boot!

I am now ready to retopologize! I am quite behind and realistically I don’t think I will be able to create the hair and texture the mesh before the deadline, I wanted to take my time on this challenge as I have never created a realistic game character before, so I hope to to retopo, create UVs and sculpt the fine details before the deadline!