Fairy Tale Challenge: Nightmare King Arthur Pendragon

Alright! For this challenge I have decided to go for an outlandish version of the Legendary King Arthur Pendragon. He is always portraid in paintings as a hero, an angel and almost a demigod so I want to take this opportunity to show a darker side of him. Him coming back from the depths of the underworld looking old and weak but full of rage and therein a new found power seemed like a great idea for me to step out of my comfort zone and give a pretty plane and simple concept (warrior with armor yay), a cool and different twist.

Due to the amount of work and deadlines I have to meet for college there will be a number of constraints I will have to set in order to not overshoot or encounter major problems throughout the whole process. Bumps along the ride are inevitable but I will try to minimize those as much as I possibly can.

I will try to give myself a maximum of one week to have a SOLID concept I can work on and polish until the deadline since I don’t want to spend half of the time figuring out the design, something I struggle with a lot. Here some quick doodles I just made to take those ideas out of my head and put them straight onto paper:

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