Fairy Tale Challenge - Mykyta(Nikita) Kozhumyaka

Hi guys!
This is my first time challenging in 3d art and for this challenge I was searching inspiration in Ukrainian folk tales.
I remembered about popular characters from our epos - Mykyta(Nikita) Kozhumyaka who was tanner (someone whose job is making leather) and who winned a dragon Zmey Gorynych. I imagined how he would like nowadays and for me this guy ride a bike, wears leather jacket(perhaps with eco skin!!) and his beard and haircut looks more modern.

Also I want leave mace, his weapon and it might look like his accessory.

So I hope i will prooceed this idea and soon will show first sculpt block!

Good luck for everyone!


Great idea! Good luck!

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Tnank you and you too! :relaxed:

Hello everyone! I decided to show early block out of my character
Hope that will finish sculpting this week!