Fairy Tale Challenge - GretelBot

My first update for the Fairy Tale Challenge. I’m going to be making Gretel as a robot out of wood and brass/aluminum, which I guess falls under the steampunk genre. Still very loose and messy I know. I’m currently in the middle of moving to another city so I apologize if my updates slow down. That being said I’ll make sure to keep up with the rest of you.


Got to the second update. Refined the faces, fleshed out engravings, and changed up the hair a bit too. Did some test lighting to visualize the translucent cloth that I want to go for.


Loving the detail so far, reminds me of Battle Angel Alita!

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000012|455x500](upload://hNRjj1JdVGNqqRTaPixU1DIVpBB.png) ![Screenshot 2021-04-23

Its been a long time since I posted an update. Got super busy. Here’s an update along with an older pose test. Might be able to finish this in time.

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