Dracula 3000 A.D

latest version so far.
my Idea for this version of Dracula is more to do with him embracing the future and cybernetic enhancements to adapt more seamlessly adapt to the modern world of that time.

17th March
currently nothing fancy at the moment however I plan to expand this by adding some futuristic clothing tech maybe some blood tubes or a fake heart for the chest piece,


The face is coming along nicely! Are you going for a bit more stylised look? I’m also wondering how you will pose him, e.g. will he have an open mouth so we will be able to see his typical vampire teeth?
You’re still in an early blockout stage, but I’d recommend moving the crotch up a bit already and bulk up his thigh muscles, depending on how buff Dracula is in 3000 BC :slight_smile:

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Thanks! will do so, I’m going for something semi stylized, yeah the mouth will slightly open to show off the teeth, though I think maybe semi buff? like the dude may get a few cybernetic enhancements here but who knows, Thanks again :slight_smile:

bit of an update on the face, sculpt wise its nearly done for base, next will be retopo an cybernetics

topology update,
will need to fix the ears

now that the base body topology and head topology is complete now its time for the fun stuff

blocking out the clothing for the count, will be expanded upon later

getting some work done on the armor and clothing

fixed the face as it now conforms more to the skull
opened the cape up more to show off more of the cybernetics etc, been thinking of giving him shoulder pads what do you all think?

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so far at the stage where I’ll be reiteratting over it to get a better feel for what it should look like.

finally adding the tubes, changed up how the cloak attaches to the suit

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ah its been a while but here’s a an update for the model

95% of final topology is complete, sculpt is about 55%-60% done
currently adding the micro patterns to clothing and armor to bring out their details
got enough geometry for general hair teeth and tongue

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one thing I’ve added to the sculpt of Drac here would be an old fashioned belt buckle sort of an old part of the past he still holds onto.

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well under 100,000 tris, got enough room for hair teeth/tongue and a prop (gin/wine glass?)

modeling and uv mapping is complete! just enough time to clean up the sculpt, texture and light up with marmoset tool bag
was super worried about how bad using only 2 4k maps would look but its not bad, this has really helped me get a better understanding on how tightly packed uvs can help out for games characters

as for how I did the hair quickly, zbrush recently updated with a curves flat and curves flat snap brush. but just a warning before using. you’ll still need to uv map the hair cards afterwords, good luck everyone!

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got some progress made in substance painter, (will need to clean it up as its a bit of a mess

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He looks great, I like the way you made his suit. :muscle: :eyes:

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Thanks! your model is looking great too, especially love the realistic vibe you gave your little mermaid! :heart:

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going to do some last minute colour changes for ol drac
gonna add some blood models for the glass and tubes