Cyberpunk Hook - The Captain in a different era

Hello everyone,

So I’ve started gathering reference as I intend to create a cyberpunk version of Captain hook. For now, I have my moodboard and I like where this is going. If you have any recommendations, I’ll appreciate it. Cheers!


Evil, ruthless, and merciless. Hook used to belong to the crew of the infamous Black Beard. It is uncertain how he became a captain, but his name comes the cybernetic hook he holds in place of his right hand which he lost in a battle with the gang named The Lost Boys.

His hook can cut through virtually anything, but he enjoys using it to take a look at his victims intestines. Although he might seem old, he is, in fact, the perfect combination of experience and strength. He is a skilled swordsman and bullseye with the gun. There are very few who are brave enough to face him including the leader of The Lost Boys, the one who managed to cut off his hand.

Hook enjoys planning and carrying out any activity that inflicts pain and fear upon others. He is a cunning man who trusts no one but himself. However, none of this prevents him from having a certain air of elegance in his way of being.

Here is a progress on the face. I marked the facial hair and hair in general with a mask just to have a clearer view of where I am heading. He will have long hair btw. I’ll start looking intho the clothing next.

Here is some more progress. I spent the last few days trying to learn Marvelous designer and this has been the outcome. Any feedback is always welcome. Cheers!


The marvelous work is looking awesome so far dude! Looking forward to seeing how Hook turns out! :slight_smile: