Contemporary Bluebeard

It’s my first time in a FlippedNormals challenge, second art challenge in life. I hope everyone and myself to have plenty of fun :grin:
So, I looove looove fairy tales, so I had plenty of ideas… I stuck with the one that probably isn’t the most original, but that better suit the type of games that I personally enjoy playing the most.
I love survival horror games with realistic graphics, and actually any horror thing (movies, tv series, etc) with realistic sets… With this in mind, I’m planning to revisit one of my favorite fairy tales from my childhood, “Bluebeard” (you may think I was a weird kid or not).
For those not familiarized with the story, it’s about a young woman that gets married with a widowed man than she didn’t know plenty about. The man, who happened to have a blue beard, would spend long periods of time away from home and leave the wife with his keychains, holding keys that unlock every room of their huge castle. Bluebeard would only ask his wife to never enter one room, the one that the smallest key, stained with blood, would open. Of course one day she opens the door taken by curiosity, and so she finds out the corpses of the many ex-wives of Bluebeard. Bluebeard almost kill her too, but she is saved by her visiting brothers.
I think a story like this could perfectly happen nowadays, so I decided to imagine how Bluebeard himself could look if someone create a survival horror game based on the tale but set at the 2020’s. I hope can pull this off in time. :sweat_smile: