Christmas with H.R Giger - Alien Resurrection Newborn

Took me a minute to figure out which theme would suit me best, at first the Disney Universe felt really appealing but the concept of H.R Giger are so amazing that I went with the Alien Newborn. Not sure yet if it’s going to be a stylized or “realistic” one, but I’ve got a pretty good idea on the composition I’ll be doing to fit the Christmas theme. Stay tune !

Here’s the first blockout, just to get the main shapes, I’ll tweak it a bit (not yet happy with the arms) and then dynamesh to start refining.

Some work from yesterday, did a quick 1st pass of details, I want to work more on the head and start thinking on the other elements I need to build for this scene.

Quick update on the scene, added a facehugger and some christmas props :slight_smile:
Also chimney blockout to see how it would look with more background.

Close up :smiley:

Damn I misread the last day to post lol, I’m so dumb.