Christmas at Disney - Repunzel Mistletoe

Hey doods, decided to go for something a little more simple since there isn’t much time left. gl hf

Just finished the retopo and UV’s, now onto texturing. Just gonna use a quick rig and hair with the particle system in Blender.

Texturing is pretty much done. Been mostly struggling with rigging. But, then I should just have he hair system and posing before compositing. The mistletoe should be a breeze, so it’s been in the back burner.

For the armature, I just need to fix up the weight paint, maybe some corrective shapekeys. Shout out to Auto-Rig Pro for speeding up the armature part. Then I can finally start working on the hair. Tbh, I’m surprised it looks this good in EEVEE. Shadows and some other things are obviously still better in Cycles, but it only takes like 5-10 seconds to render in 4K resolution instead of like 8 mins with the character alone.